Angela Wood


Senior Physician Auditor / Educator

Charlotte, NC


Angela brings nearly 25 years of healthcare and medical coding experience to Pinnacle. She currently conducts audits of physician coding for internal medical system providers (internal medicine, hospitalists, emergency, etc.), as well as all major specialties from anesthesia to urology. She is also an expert coding instructor and mentor who conducts online physician training with individual providers and clinical teams.

Prior to Pinnacle, Angela served in a wide variety of administrative, consulting, analyst and medical coding roles including senior business analyst, senior coder, reimbursement specialist, senior compliance specialist, director of billing, senior healthcare consultant, billing coordinator and pharmacy technician. She has also been involved in medical staff and physician training and education throughout her career.

Angela’s certifications include AAPC Certified Procedural Coder (CPC) and AAPC ICD-10-CM and expertise includes CPC, ICD-10-CM. She is well versed across a wide variety of EMR, billing, claims and work queue systems, as well as major coding software/applications such as Revenue Cycle Pro and Encoder Pro. In addition, she has extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite and supporting products.

  • 26+ years of coding, compliance and reimbursement experience
  • Skilled at auditing and educating physicians and non-physician providers
  • Experienced with working with a variety of health systems
  • Experienced with both professional-fee and facility-based reimbursement
  • Experienced with charge master maintenance