Real Estate Consulting

Upholding our reputation as a leading national healthcare solutions firm, Pinnacle’s Real Estate Team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both valuation and transaction services honed throughout their successful careers in real estate, facilities and asset management for clients of all sizes, both in and outside of healthcare.

Maximizing years of healthcare industry knowledge and credentialed experience, Pinnacle provides comprehensive valuation services that support a wide variety of business arrangements for healthcare, real estate and investment clients who rely on our competence and expertise. Our proven proficiency extends beyond valuation services to include  consulting and transaction facilitation where we carefully guide clients through multiple types of real estate transactions in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner that delivers tremendous value and confidence.

As trusted, independent advisors, we provide accurate and reliable insights backed by unparalleled industry expertise and exhaustive data acquisition and assessment. These insights empower clients to make much more informed and strategic business decisions with the power to improve the long-term trajectory of their efforts and investments.

Commercial Real Estate Valuation & Lease Valuation

Using decades of industry knowledge and various resources, Pinnacle’s professionals provide valuation services to commercial real estate properties, purchase/sale or lease, and deliver a variety of customized reports to every client for any project.

Shared & Block Lease Documentation & Valuation

With expertise in the healthcare industry, Pinnacle’s professionals analyze, calculate, and value the varying details and intricacies of Timeshare/Block Lease arrangements to provide a customized report that will help clients confirm Fair Market Value.

Transaction, Lease Review & Negotiation

Having vast experience completing hundreds of transactions of varying requirements in multiple markets within the commercial real estate industry, Pinnacle’s professionals guide each client through the process of a real estate transaction from inception to completion, and any point in between, focusing on cost effectiveness and time efficiency.

Feasibility Studies

When a provider organization is looking to expand or relocate operations, knowledge of a market to determine the best location is critical. Pinnacle’s expert can perform an in depth review to understand market and population demographics driving the need for healthcare services. Once a location is determined, Pinnacle’s experts can research potential sites, including the cost to acquire / lease, buildout cost, utilities, and all other operating costs. The outcome of a feasibility study is a proforma model, slide deck, and presentation to leadership of an organization to provide the necessary decision making information. Once a decision is made, Pinnacle experts can further work with leadership to move any real estate project forward from the idea stage to a completed commercial property.

Policy & Procedure Compliance Review

Real estate compliance is one of the most overlooked areas in healthcare and also, one of the focused areas of the Office of the Inspector General as a result. Real estate is a major component of the Stark Law as it relates to compliance with rental rates, block lease, acquisitions, and any other arrangement where real estate is a component. Healthcare executives do not spend a lot of time in this area and real estate terms such as gross, net, triple net leases can create confusion and a compliance nightmare. Pinnacle’s experts have the ability to work with senior executives to review and establish proper policies and procedures necessary to ensure the real estate contracting process remain compliance with healthcare regulations.  Pinnacles experts can help provider organizations by:

  • Reviewing the current policies, procedures, contracts, and processes to verify compliance with healthcare regulations;
  • Establish and implement policies, procedures, and processes to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations; and
  • Manage the real estate process from the idea, contracting, to management phases.