Kelly Conroy


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Kelly brings more than 30 years of healthcare finance, management and leadership experience to Pinnacle with significant experience in Value Based Care.   As a leader in the field, she’d contributed through multiple start up healthcare companies with a leading-edge focus on advancements in care delivery and alignment. 


Kelly started the first Medicare ACO in the country, which delivered nearly $40M in savings in its first year and has gone on to manage some of the most profitable ACOs in the country. She is now sought after as a senior advisor and consultant having developed a reputation as one of the most experienced and effective ACO professionals in the country. As a true catalyst driving the shift in healthcare culture toward physician leadership, her understanding and strategic vision is unmatched, along with her comprehension of the latest government proposed valued based agreements.


From starting healthcare organizations to serving in multiple senior executive leadership roles, Kelly is a seasoned executive with a career record of negotiating and increasing revenues through new product offerings while optimizing efficiency and productivity in the medical field. She is a significant asset to our clients, as well as a mentor and advisor to Pinnacle staff, providing a wealth of knowledge to the entire team.