Medical Practice Advisory Services

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting’s experienced professionals provide administrative and managerial leadership to physician practices. Pinnacle assists clients with developing and maintaining an efficient medical practice with high-level performance in a complex operating environment. Pinnacle medical practice advisory services allow medical practices to leverage our depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience while promoting an environment focused on the delivery of high value clinical care through superior operational performance.

Improve Operations   –   Mitigate Risk   –   Optimize Revenue

The expertise and resources you need . . .

  • Medical Practice Administration
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Medical Practice Assessments
  • Medical Practice Leadership Coaching
  • Coding & Revenue Cycle Assessment/Optimization
  • Provider & Staff Coding Education
  • Information Systems Assessment/Coordination

Medical Practice Advisory Services Include:

Interim/Ongoing Medical Practice Administration
Pinnacle will serve as the administrative leader of your practice. The depth of our integration into your medical practice can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. The level of engagement ranges from high-level advisory and supervisory services, to the onsite placement of an administrator who can manage all aspects of your operations. This service allows your practice to access high-level, expert administrative leadership on a short-term or ongoing basis. Uniquely tailored expertise that you might otherwise struggle to match.

Interim/Ongoing Medical Practice Management
Pinnacle provides billing office, coding department and office management services on an interim or ongoing basis. We have the resources you need should your medical practice be experiencing operational stress due to capacity issues, restructuring or other situations. Pinnacle can also step in and assist during times of unexpected managerial change. During times of transition, our leadership can minimize disruption and stabilize the environment while improving billing, coding and performance across the entire organization.

Medical Practice Assessments
Pinnacle practice assessments can identify issues with revenue, staffing levels or patient flow. In addition, we can assess skillsets of individual staff, teams or departments to help you understand issues and identify opportunities. We can also analyze the overall health of your medical practice should you want a broader assessment. Given our knowledge of the day-to-day operational needs of medical practices, we can accurately assess and articulate the changing needs of established/growing practices, as well as the unique needs of new startup practices.

Medical Practice Leadership Coaching
Pinnacle will serve as an advisory resource to your practice or specific members of your leadership team. The focus of this service is to provide immediate, high-level oversight of your overall operations and performance, while actively refining and developing internal administrative expertise. Pinnacle will assist with the coaching, mentoring and overall professional development of your internal administrative resources. This service can also be customized as a one-time engagement or an ongoing/annual program including a maintenance component.

Coding & Revenue Cycle Assessment/Optimization
The coding and revenue cycle department within your practice may require enhancement including management expertise not currently in place – expertise that may be difficult to find, especially in rural areas. Pinnacle can work with you to effectively develop and manage these departments. Working within your organization as a trusted partner, we can help you structure and grow this department as a more effective and capable resource that will best support your growing practice. We can also assess practices, departments or service lines that are not meeting performance expectations and provide guidance on revenue and compliance risks as contributing factors. Pinnacle also understands the importance of managing receivables and can help ensure services provided are billed/paid at the correct level through detailed reimbursement reviews.

Provider & Staff Coding Education
Pinnacle’s focused coding education program bolsters knowledge and improves skills for all members of your team including physicians, other clinicians and practice staff. This includes expertise in physician education for virtually all provider specialties and specialty procedures. Pinnacle has expertise in coding staff education and professional development for any size coding entity including hospital and physician groups. We focus on the building blocks that enhance and elevate the role of coding as a significant asset within your organization.

Information Systems Assessment/Coordination
Pinnacle offers information systems assessment and coordination to help medical practices manage appropriate and compliant systems that ensure efficient communication and data storage, while maintaining data security, privacy and accuracy protocols. From digital communication and electronic patient records, to picture archival and billing systems, we can assist you in identifying the right systems for your needs (hardware/software), along with processes and protocols that ensure system integrity and compliance. Given recent advances in technology, health care delivery is rapidly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities. We can help you navigate.