The Compliance Guide to Physician Relationships and Compensation Valuation

Guide Overview

Attempting to navigate physician relationships and healthcare transactions?

This helpful resource offers real world insights and support information. Developed as an easy to use tool, it offers much needed guidance when attempting to organize and operationalize information as a basis for healthcare transactions.

Download Sample Chapter: Medical Directorship, Consulting and Administrative Services

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Overview of Compensation and
Valuation Guide:

  • History of Healthcare Valuation
  • Fair Market Value Considerations
  • Compliance Implications and Procedural Matters
  • Employment
  • Call Coverage
  • Hospital-Based Agreements
  • Medical Directorship, Consulting and Administrative Services
  • Academic Services
  • Supervision
  • Value-Based Compensation Structures
  • Telehealth
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Commercial Reasonableness