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  • Introducing Physician FMV Online for 2010




       The Pinnacle Physician FMV Program 2010 Overview

    We are proud to celebrate the Pinnacle Physician FMV Program’s fourth year and would like to thank you for your support and feedback as we continue to improve our analytical tools and data robustness. Over one hundred hospitals nationally have found that the Pinnacle Physician FMV Program empowers them to make smart and supportable decisions with regard to physician compensation fair market value matters. 

    For 2010, we are excited to introduce Physician FMV Online.  Our new online application offers the workbooks in a more user-friendly format along with the ability to generate custom opinion letters on the fly, data backed by Pinnacle’s FMV opinion as well as includes detailed data on compensation for employed physicians, medical director hourly rates and daily call payments.  This new feature allows you to drill down the data you need, keep track of physician relationships and access the FMV Network data to conduct your own research. 

    Program benefits:

    • The Program generally pays for itself in two uses (i.e., avoiding fees for focused consulting reports).
    • The Program saves significant time—where energy can be redirected to more pressing matters (strategy, operations, etc.).  Based on our participants’ experience, the program successfully supports: 
    • 80+ % Medical Directorship Agreements
    • 60+ % Employment Arrangements
    • 40+ % Physician Call / Availability Payment Arrangements
    • Participant return on investment (ROI) of over 300% to 500%

    • As a benefit of Program participation, hospitals are given access to market comparable data on physician arrangements at other participating hospitals.  This information is continually updated.
    • In addition to the efficiency and savings, the Program creates consistency across physician contracts and promotes Medicare/IRS compliance.
    • Use of the Program payment ranges is backed by an objective and proven third-party methodology.
    • The Program increases the organizational capacity and sensitivity for identifying and solving physician compensation challenges.

     To schedule a demo, contact Kimberly Berkey:  (p) 303.801.0123 or 

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  • A Few New Changes for Pinnacle


    Thank you for taking a moment to read our blog. Coming soon, the Pinnacle Team will be using this blog to provide you with relevant information related to various aspects the healthcare industry.   The Pinnacle Group provides a range of strategic, financial and operational services to help hospitals, health systems, physician groups and other healthcare organizations improve their clinical and business performance.  Pinnacle Healthcare services seek to simplify success in healthcare.  By building relationships and championing innovation, we have created a dynamic set of services backed by a powerful team to help you solve the most complex challenges.  With our new blog, we hope to pass on useful information to keep you current on the happenings in healthcare.

    Thank you for your time and please visit again soon!

    The Pinnacle Team

    Simplifying the Business of Healthcare

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