Transitional Leadership Services

Pinnacle assists clients anticipating or responding to a change in executive leadership, by providing interim CEO services, permanent CEO recruitment and post-transition strategic planning, all in one package.  By providing all three services in a deliberate, coordinated and cost-effective manner, Pinnacle helps hospitals bridge the transition from one leader to another while keeping the organization forward-moving, engaged and focused on achieving its goals.

Interim CEO Services

Pinnacle helps clients transition or effectively “bridge” between leaders, through the placement of an experienced interim CEO. This highly qualified individual provides operational oversight for all services and a reassuring presence to employees, medical staff, boards and communities, that the highest quality care will be maintained. The interim CEO will also lead the organization and executive team through a facilitated strategic planning process, while identifying the right positioning and plan to implement for long term success. By advancing these critical services through a Pinnacle interim CEO, the hospital contracts for a comprehensive solution at lower costs.

Permanent CEO Recruitment

Pinnacle assists clients in finding the most-qualified candidates nationally for an open CEO position. Under the leadership of the interim CEO, the search for the new, permanent CEO will be conducted by a hospital-based search committee. The interim CEO provides an insider’s perspective of the role, conveying an accurate depiction of the organization’s needs to prospective candidates. As an experienced operator, the interim CEO can also more
effectively communicate specific strengths, weaknesses and needs of candidates back to the search committee. This insight, an essential function commonly overlooked in CEO searches, provides greater assurance the organization will find the best candidate for the permanent CEO position (best fit and most likely to stay).

Post-Transition Strategic Planning

Pinnacle facilitates a “warm handoff” and ongoing support (as needed) by having the interim CEO create the foundation of a strategic planning process before the new CEO has started. This process ensures the organization will focus on new or existing issues identified during the transition. This activity not only increases the effectiveness of the CEO recruitment by providing the focus the organization’s needs, it also provides a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the new CEO during the crucial initial 18-24 months.