A Novel Idea – Pinnacle Physician FMV Program 2010 – “Simplify Physician Contracting”

The Pinnacle Group will be attending the Health Care Compliance Association’s 14th annual Compliance Institute in Dallas, Texas – April 18th – 21st.  Visit the Pinnacle Group at booth #207 to enter the drawing for a 2010 Pinnacle Physician FMV Program license, valued at $8,750.  

 Determining appropriate and compliant physician salaries is complicated. 


*  Recruitment and retention    

*  Responding to competition and pay demands   

*  Medicare and IRS compliance   

*  Creating and effective intergration strategy   

*  Involving physicians in governance    


*  Elevated compliance scrutiny/enforcement risk     

*  Inadequate compensation knowledge and reliable data    

*  Internal resource and budget constraints    

*  Many other competing demands/pressure to “get deals done”      

 Diverse factors like the Stark Law and inconsistent internal payment policies make it difficult to confidently approach physician compensation negotiations.  Until now.

 An Enlightening Service…that supports your fair market value needs in physician compensation:

 The Pinnacle FMV Program dramatically reduces the complexity of  determining physician fair market value.  The Program helps you build internal capacity and provides you with more control over the contracting process with powerful information and proprietary tools to help you make defensible decisions about physician relationships. The Pinnacle FMV Program dramatically reduces the complexity of determining physician fair market value.  It builds internal capacity and gives you more control over the process by providing proprietary tools and powerful information to help you make defensible decisions about physician relationships. Hospitals using the FMV Program immediately possess greater knowledge on which to base physician contracting decisions, the reliability of a proven FMV analytical methodology and improved capacity to manage and document compensation and other contractual terms.    

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