What does that mean to you as our client?

– March’s invoice will show both Assistive Coding and Pinnacle Integrated    Coding Solutions.
– Beginning in April, you will receive an invoice from Pinnacle Integrated Coding Solutions.
– All communication from our staff will have our new Pinnacle Integrated Coding Solutions logo.
– Your PICS Team will remain the same.
– Lori Carlin has been hired as the Director of Professional Coding Services and will lead PICS.

Why the change?
Through market research we have identified that Assistive Coding is often confused with Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) products. We are an affiliated company of Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting (PHC) and Pinnacle Enterprise Risk Consulting Services (PERCS) and want to create a brand that is consistent with our full portfolio of services.

Pinnacle Integrated Coding Solutions (PICS) offers revenue cycle solutions for providers, hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and health plans.

• Charge entry and coding services
• Interim staffing
• Coding backlog reduction
• Edit & Denial Management
• Monitor CAC or Offshore coding programs
• Subject matter expertise
• Quality reviews of your provider and/or coders
• Continuing education, webinars, coding updates
• Interview/hire internal staff placements
• Vacation/FMLA coverage
• New department sourcing

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Lori Carlin directly.
Lori Carlin, CPC, COC, CPCO
Director, Professional Outsourced Coding Services
Pinnacle Integrated Coding Solutions
Mobile: 206-399-7792

PICS Communication to Existing Clients