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In This Issue:

–       Letter from The Pinnacle Team:  In Determining 2011 Recipes for Success, Who Gets the Pie is No Piece of Cake

–       Healthcare Industry Overview – Reasons for Hospital Integration

–       Compensation Physician Integration Perspective

–       Business Valuation Perspective – Identifying the Correct Ingredients

–       A Pinnacle Group Highlight – Bill Johnson, Senior Consultant

–       Upcoming Events, About the Team, About The Pinnacle Group



In Determining 2011 Recipes for Success, Who Gets the Pie is No Piece of Cake – Letter from The Pinnacle Team

The Pinnacle Group would like to welcome you to the first edition of our 2011 newsletter, The Pinnacle Perspective!

Early 2010 introduced health care reform with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  This development initiated change in many health care industry segments and introduced uncertainty in shaping organizational strategies.  Understanding all the health care reform changes and how they affect your organization is no piece of cake.  In this issue, we’ll break down some of the complex challenges facing hospitals and physicians to help assist in determining your own recipe for  success.

The Pinnacle Group plans to continue to deliver resources to help its clients understand the changing environment, select the right strategies, and implement solutions to achieve a range of business objectives.  While our breadth of expertise continues to grow, our menu of key services will still encompass valuation, integration and compensation services.

With the launch of this newsletter, we are expanding our client offerings and sharing our perspectives on critical issues, key events and innovative ideas shaping the business of health care today.

We’ll begin with an Industry Overview Perspective, and take a broad look at the top reasons driving hospital-physician integration.

In our Compensation Physician Integration Perspective, we’ll offer  leading ways hospitals align with physicians to create more effective health systems.

Finally, in the Business Valuation Perspective, we further detail an overview of a physician practice valuation, applying the cost approach, and discuss how hospitals acquiring a physician practice and employing the physician(s) may not want to pay more than the net assets of the practice as a going concern.

Whatever your health care appetite, we hope that The Pinnacle Perspective will give you a taste of key industry trends and allow you to sample ideas and information to mix into your own recipe for success.

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