We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming  Colorado HFMA – Annual Conference  

April 18-20th, 2012 

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This year’s Annual Conference focuses on the changes taking place in healthcare. Speakers will address such issues as Leadership, Healthcare Reform, Revenue Cycle, and Accounting. Last but not least, an interactive Point/Counter Point discussion on Healthcare Reform from both political sides of the issue should generate some lively discussion.


Hotel Information:

Marriott Denver South at Park Meadows

Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree, CO


Annual Conference Agenda

Wednesday April 18, 2012

Certification Coaching Course- Registration details on Program. This course is designed to help you in taking the HFMA Certification Exam as well as the self-study materials you need to purchase in advance of the course.


Thursday April 19, 2012

Keynote Presentation: “Challenges Facing Hospitals and Strategy that PVHS is Building to Ensure Success”

Speaker: Rulon Stacey PhD, FACHE, President and CEO, Poudre Valley Health System, Fort Collins, CO

Rulon Stacy has been CEO of Poudre Valley Health System since 1996 and has led the transformation of PVHS into a health system with more than 5,300 employees and a dozen facilities in three states. He has found ways to align incentives with regional providers in order to maximize value to patients, developed nearly 20 joint ventures which focus on quality outcomes and in the process quadrupled the net revenue and net assets of the health system. He will share how this has been accomplished along with the leadership skills he used to make it happen.

Rulon has received numerous awards including the Young Healthcare Executive of the Year from the American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHE) and the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare. He served on the governing board of ACHE and was the 77th Chairman of their board. In 2008, PVHS was recognized by the President of the United States as the only health system in the United States to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

You will want to hear his message on how he has led this organization to excellence and what you need to do to lead your organization in these challenging times.



General Session: “Creating an Exquisite Patient Revenue Cycle Experience Growing Your Bottom Line and Market Share”

Speaker: Bobette Gustafson, Founder, President and CEO, Gustafson & Associates, Nakomis, FL

HCAHPS along with the more sophisticated and demanding patient/consumer require that financial executives and revenue cycle professionals protect the lifetime revenue value of each patient served. But, a mere “patient-focused” approach is no longer enough. Quality clinical experiences must be enhanced by truly exceptional revenue cycle touch point outcomes – from pre-access through account closure. Therefore, the organizational culture and process, technology and people models must be fully transformed. An essential strategy of all other industries except healthcare… Customer Relationship Management (CRM)… is the key.

Attendees Will Be Able to:

 – Quantify the financial impact of the total patient experience and the lifetime revenue value of current and future volumes

•  – Define the critical revenue cycle patient touch points and their relationship to clinical touch points; more effectively and objectively assess patients’ current total revenue cycle satisfaction level and gain specific insight into their expectations that must be met or exceeded to ensure their unquestionable future loyalty

•  – Identify and eliminate avoidable revenue cycle processing costs; secure future patient lifetime revenues by crafting a CRM-based, patient-preference driven, and clinically integrated revenue cycle process, technology, and people model; and prepare for successful implementation by identifying and mitigating cultural and other organizational risks.



General Session: “PPACA from the Perspective of the Health Plan”

Speakers: Donna Lynne, DrPH, Group President, Kaiser Foundation and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Denver, CO

   What have been impacts of PPACA to date?

•  – Age 26 dependents=more members

•  – Changes in preventive services=higher costs short term

•  – Lifting of annual and lifetime max=higher costs/premiums

•  – Medical Benefits Ratio (MBR)=more dollars devoted to benefits

•  – Medicare Five Star/P4P=more money to plans with high ratings, and more focus on quality and service

•  – HIT/payments for meaningful use=more money to plans, faster adoption of IT, improved quality and service and more affordability

   What challenges are ahead of us?

•  – Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): will they save money, what unintended consequences are there?

•  – Health Exchanges: being ready for 2014/building capabilities

•  – Dealing with hundreds of thousands of newly insured in Colorado

     o Integrating safety net providers

     o Building a sustainable financial model

     o Educating new members about being good users of coverage

     o Making movement in and out of exchange and Medicaid seamless

•  – Payment reform

•  – Uncertainty about PPACA being upheld

 – How is Kaiser Permanente dealing with these challenges; what about other health plans?



General Session: Brian Fellner, Senior Vice President & CFO, American Enterprise Group, Des Moines, IA

“So you think the insurance company (payer) was fun to deal with prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? What’s next????”

The regulatory and competitive landscape is changing rapidly for health care insurers. These changes will result in new product designs and new reimbursement strategies that will impact providers. Hear the inside story from a health insurance company perspective.

Presentation Takeaways:

1. Understand the impacts of health insurer consolidation

2. Review of contracting and reimbursement trends

3. Discuss health insurance product trends



Finance Track PFS Track

“Healthcare Market Update, Rating Agency Outlooks and Pricing Data”

Speaker: Will Douglas, Jr., Director, Wells Fargo Securities, Denver, CO

This session will review the current status of credit markets for various healthcare borrowers. Included will be a historical perspective on interest rate trends, rating agency viewpoints and concerns, general economic and healthcare specific statistics and outlooks for capital access. Participants will learn the current state of credit markets, future concerns that may affect the cost of capital and what can be done to best position their respective organizations in the event accessing capital is needed within the next year or two.

Medicare Part A Updates and Overview Partners in Compliance”

Speaker: Steven Milward, Project Administrator, TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, LLC, Denison, TX

An overview of the 2012 Medicare Part A updates and changes will be provided along with an overview of Partners in Compliance that includes Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program.


Panel Discussion: “How to use your collection agency as a resource and evaluating their performance”

Panelists: Ruth Benton, MBA, CEO, New West Physicians, Golden, CO, Larry Dupper, FHFMA, CFO, Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs, CO and Ron Feret, CHFP, CFO, HealthOne Clinic Services, Denver, CO

The panel will make some opening comments regarding issues they are facing as CFO’s in their organizations and then open it up for an interactive discussion between the panelists and attendees. from four collection agencies addressing the topic above and answering questions from attendees

Panel Facilitator: Tim Brainerd, CEO, Revenue Enterprises, LLC


· Mike Yont, Managing Principal, Integral Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

· Pilar Mank, Director of Revenue Cycle Services, Healthcare Management, LLC

· Jerry Peer, Vice President Collections, Professional Finance Company

· Terri Boettcher, Vice President Collections, BC Services, Inc.



Friday April 20, 2012

General Session –“Creating Bolder, Smarter Partnerships in Health Care”

Speaker: Bruce Schroffel, CEO, University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, CO

Bruce Schroffel, newly appointed president of University of Colorado Health, will review the transitions the industry is going through and discuss in detail the rational that drove him to form a new partnership with Poudre Valley Health System. He’ll explain the long-term lease with Memorial Health System. He will also state why he thinks this new model of bringing together the best in academic medicine with the best in community will not only work, but thrive in a chaotic industry.



Point/Counter Point Presentation – “Healthcare Reform Act: The View from Two Political Perspectives”

Speakers: Jeanne Scott Matthews, Talking Head in Chief, Health- Politics.com, Gold Canyon, Arizona and Linda Gorman, Director, Healthcare Policy Center, Denver, CO

The two experts will provide their insights from the left and right of the political spectrum on the healthcare reform law. Each of them will give a presentation and then take questions from each other and the audience.



Closing General Session: “Professional Ethics: A Preventive Maintenance Approach”

Speaker: Chris Bauer, PhD, Ethics Expert and Grin Inducer, Bauer Ethics Seminars

This won’t be a review of the ethics code, case studies, or case law! Instead, it will be a unique program designed to help assure that you and your entire organization are able to more easily “walk the talk” of great ethics. This oftenhumorous program will show us ethics risks we never even knew we had and what can be done right now to make sure those risks don’t turn into costly ethical and legal problems on the job. You will also learn how even a slightly changed focus on ethics can significantly build your organization’s bottom line. Ethics and fun aren’t words you normally hear in the same sentence. However, Dr. Christopher Bauer has been making professional ethics both straightforward and fun for international audiences for more than 25 years. He will present ethics differently than you have probably ever experienced them before. The tone will be conversational and the ideas immediately applicable. You will leave with easy, practical ideas and tools to reduce your risk for ethics difficulties while simultaneously reducing the risk of your colleagues, coworkers and entire organizations.


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