Compensation Valuation

Determining the appropriate and compliant physician compensation for services can be complicated. Diverse factors like Medicare, Stark, Anti-Kickback and IRS compliance, changing physician expectations and trends, as well as the rapid pace of hospital-physician transactions, make it difficult to confidently assess and establish workable compensation terms. Pinnacle is one of the nation’s leading valuation firms specializing in physician compensation. Pinnacle’s experts guide hospital and other healthcare executives through the most complex physician arrangements. Our fair market value opinions help get deals done while providing the appraisal rigor needed to satisfy evolving government scrutiny.

Fair Market Value Opinions

The types of physician arrangements requiring the support of Fair Market Value (FMV) continue to evolve, and the value drivers in any particular arrangement are usually unique. Pinnacle consultants work with healthcare organizations to dissect the most complex arrangements and identify the appropriate range of value. Pinnacle opinions are well documented and describe the central appraisal methods, data sources and analytical assumptions.

Commercial Reasonableness

As a result of recent government enforcement actions, emphasis has been placed on the commercial reasonableness of physician arrangements. In addition to calculating FMV, health organizations must also perform analysis of the business rational, or commercial reasonableness, to support the suggested arrangement. While this duty traditionally falls on the hospital administrator, Pinnacle leverages an in-depth industry knowledge to assist in the analysis or incorporate a separate analysis in our valuations.

System-Wide Compensation Audits

Pinnacle has devised a practical approach to assessing a large number of physician compensation arrangements under a single engagement. This phased process filters through each individual physician for assessment, and applies focused resources on the most complex and sensitive arrangements. This targeted approach drives cost-effective and timely results for clients.

Discovery, Disclosure and Compliance Support

Some health systems find themselves on the wrong side of the compliance fence concerning payments to physicians. Whether the event is a result of a whistle blower or self-disclosure, assessing the damage or explaining the extent of the problem to enforcement agencies may require rigorous and in-depth analysis. Pinnacle consultants have significant experience working with counsel to prepare analyses and communicate findings in an optimal manner for our clients.


Unique Fair Market Value Services

Referral relationships among providers may generate new business opportunities, however, these relationships can also involve complex regulations, put businesses at risk and create legal disputes. Pinnacle’s team of expert consultants possess the experience and knowledge to help healthcare organizations sort through the complexities of the most unique arrangements to assess value, avoid problems and create tailored client solutions.

Physician Performance Analysis

Refine and reinforce your approach to physician compensation with pay and productivity analysis from Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting. Be confident that your compensation methods and contracts produce results, achieve your goals, and are backed by impartial market intelligence.

Physician Compensation Planning & Design

Physician compensation models vary widely across healthcare organizations depending on strategic objectives and market conditions. Trends toward value-based reimbursement are driving new imperatives in devising compensation programs. Our team of consultants help organizations navigate the complex process to identify the formula that best meets their needs.