Girard Senn




Pickerel, WI


Girard provides more than 30 years of senior management and consulting experience, and adds significant depth and breadth to the Pinnacle team. As a Director, Girard will focus primarily on strategy and operations, having served on both the administrative and clinical side of healthcare where he was responsible for performance improvement of major revenue centers. Leveraging his management, accounting and clinical background, Girard is also a national expert on supply chain management and performance improvement and has developed highly-innovative, national implant pricing tools, as well as advanced techniques for demand matching.

What sets Girard apart is his depth of understanding based on his clinical and operational background having managed large surgical departments and been responsible for operational performance and patient care at various hospitals throughout his career. This hands-on experience allows Girard the insight needed to present realistic and workable solutions to even the most complex healthcare and provider challenges. As an expert in clinical benchmarking and continuous improvement models, Girard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Pinnacle and our clients.

Prior to joining Pinnacle, Girard was the Founder and Executive Director of Clinical Benchmarking, a national consulting firm specializing in expense reductions and physician preference facility reporting by optimizing a facility’s unique physician culture and supplier mix. Prior to that, he was the Chief Executive Officer of OR Benchmarks where he developed tools and software to benchmark clinical services in hospital ORs. He also served as the Managing Principal of Premier’s Supply Chain Performance Improvement division and held numerous hospital leadership/management positions.


  • Cost Control: Understanding the Hidden Cost of Implants, 2020 OR Business Management Conference

  • Gainsharing Arrangements and Bundled Payments: OIG Advisory Opinion and Other Developments, Strafford live webinar, November 14, 2019

  • PO Data: Source of Truth When Figures Lie and Liars Figure, Wisconsin Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Management Association (WHPMMA), September 13, 2018

  • More than 30 years of healthcare management/consulting experience
  • Performance improvement expert of major revenue centers given his clinical/administrative background
  • Nationally recognized expert and resource on supply chain mgmt.
  • Developed innovative, national implant pricing tools and advanced techniques for demand matching