Alexander Senn


Chicago, IL


Alexander has more than 10 years of healthcare experience in various consulting roles and has developed a series of long-term implant management tools, as well as advanced tools for hip, knee, spine and biologic reporting. His primary focus is a third party auditor for several bundled payment cost initiative programs, OIG compliant models, and CJR programs.

Given the vast amount of data Alexander processes on a regular basis, he has been able to leverage his experience and understanding to develop a highly complex implant formulary committee standard process. Alexander has further expanded this work to create an operational model that standardizes process flow in purchasing across several health systems.

As validation for his depth of expertise and the standardization tools he has developed, Alexander has identified and assisted in recovering over 80 million dollars in over-payments from vendors on behalf of the hospital. 

Alexander is viewed as an industry expert and upcoming leader in supply chain management and has performed over 15 public speaking events ranging from National AHRMM events to local system engagements.

  • Identified/assisted in recovering $80 million in over-payments
  • Developed a series of long-term implant management tools
  • Developed advanced tools for hip, knee, spine and biologic reporting
  • Viewed as industry expert and leader in supply chain mgmt.