Angie Paine


Senior Consultant

Denver, CO


Angie has more than 15 years of healthcare experience with an extensive background in revenue cycle, compliance, medical coding, team leadership and training. In her current role, she oversees compliance, independent review organization and internal audit services, where she is responsible for successful execution and project completion.

Angie’s expertise includes assisting clients in identifying risks and opportunities to improve compliance with government payor requirements and operational efficiencies. In this role she performs quality assurance and audit functions for a wide range of providers and has advanced expertise in the areas of family practice, infusion, dialysis and facility billing.

She also performs focused reviews and revenue cycle analysis in order to narrow the scope of audits which lead to improvement recommendations, as well as provides new and ongoing education to physicians, coders and billing staff - leveraging her extensive background as a professional trainer.

As a significant resource and proven expert, Angie has considerable experience as a coding, reimbursement, internal audit, and compliance consultant, particularly in the areas of physician practices, outpatient services, ambulance, hospice, health plan and provider organization compliance.

  • More than 15 years of healthcare experience
  • Extensive background in revenue cycle, compliance, medical coding, team leadership and training
  • Oversees compliance, IRO, and internal audit services
  • Identifies risks & opportunities to improve compliance w/gov payor reqs./operational efficiencies