Kim Hefner


Senior Consultant

Denver, CO


As an experienced CPA and business and intangible asset valuation expert, Kim brings considerable experience to the Pinnacle team. Her expertise includes a proven ability to perform extensive market research and analysis, build complex valuation and analysis models, and compose comprehensive and powerful reports. Not only is she able to extrapolate critical information and assemble robust analyses, she is also very skilled at breaking through the clutter to effectively clarify and communicate key results. As a powerful asset, Kim is able to quickly and thoroughly assess valuation and business information in a dynamic environment.

Prior to Pinnacle, Kim was a business valuation manager at KPMG where she oversaw the data gathering and review process with clients and internal teams, analyzed financial information, and developed models. This included performing quality checks, reviewing conclusions of analyses to assess appropriateness of inputs and assumptions, and presenting key findings and recommendations to partners and managing directors. Kim worked with international and Fortune 500 clients spanning a variety of industries that included healthcare, engineering services, industrial manufacturing, restaurants, and marketing services.

Kim’s expertise is concentrated in intangible asset valuations performed primarily for tax and financial reporting purposes, as well as audit support services. She also has experience in transfer pricing analysis and documentation for large, multinational clients to assess and document the arm’s-length nature of related party transactions regarding tangible goods, shared services, intangible assets, and intercompany financing arrangements. Kim has also participated in nationwide practice improvement initiatives, holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Louisiana, and is a licensed CPA in Texas and Colorado.

  • CPA, business and intangible asset valuation expert
  • Proven ability to conduct extensive market research and analysis
  • Skilled at building valuation and analysis models and reports
  • BS in Accounting and licensed CPA in Texas and Colorado