Affiliated Companies

Affiliated companies of Pinnacle include:

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting provides a wide range of strategic, financial, operational, compliance and valuation services to hospitals, health systems, physician groups and law firms.

Pinnacle Integrated Coding Solutions offers professional coding services, edit and denial management, template and documentation improvement efforts, charge reconciliation reviews at a per-chart and hourly pricing option. Our US-based, highly skilled coders, provide quality deliverables with a competitive turn-around time.

Pinnacle Enterprise Risk Consulting Services provides compliance, litigation support, internal audit, medical necessity review, revenue cycle improvement and Independent Review Organization (IRO) services.

Stratum International provides life science companies expert educational, informational and advisory services that support thought leadership activities, capital and transactional requirements, and corporate venture solutions. Stratum provides expertise and resources at all stages of business and product development to help our clients maximize opportunities, overcome obstacles and achieve objectives.